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Asphalt Rejuvenation Well Beyond the Surface


When it comes to reliable asphalt rejuvenation, crack sealing and fused bonded overlay services in Northern Virginia, TriTechnologies is a name you can trust. Our team of professionals is qualified to assess any pavement need and provide the right solutions – all at the reasonable rates you deserve for your hard-earned money.

We can tell you, from our seasoned years of protecting pavement, that there’s nothing more important than safety. From concrete to asphalt repair and from sealing to just about everything in-between, we are dedicated to ensuring your property’s paved surfaces are well kept, durable and safe for all traffic.

Asphalt rejuvenation will not crack, peel or delaminate, and our process provides surface protection against fuel, oil and other contaminants with a uniform black finish. We often tell our clients that pavement condition often experiences three stages of deterioration during the life of a pavement surface, and asphalt rejuvenation as applied by our experts is an effective method of delaying these effects and rejuvenating the asphaltic binder.

Stage One: Surface color fades to gray due to oxidation as surface oils begin to evaporate.

Stage Two: Fine line cracking occurs along with loss of “fines” (minute crushing material) while the surface gets brittle.

Stage Three: Deterioration accelerates with extended cracking, increasing brittleness and viscosity while flexibility is reduced; furthermore, contaminates penetrate through cracks, hastening deterioration from below the surface.

Maximize Your Curb Appeal

When you decide to protect your asphalt with the help of a company like ours, you’re investing in a process that goes beyond mere protection and encompasses revitalization and sealing of asphalt pavement. Our approach is scientifically designed to reverse the aging process and extend the lifecycle of asphalt assets, including commercial parking lots and roadways, roads and highways, airport runways and taxiways.

When we approach an asphalt rejuvenation project, you can be sure our process will:

• Penetrate, repair and protect the asphalt

• Replace oils lost due to oxidation

• Revitalize the asphalt binder

• Restore flexibility in the asphalt

• Seal the pavement against contaminants

• Improve durability and extend the life of the asphalt

• Enhance curb appeal of asphalt assets

• Eliminate chipping, peeling and delamination

• Reduce pavement life cycle costs

Whether you have newer asphalt or asphalt pavement that’s starting to go gray, TriTechnologies can become an integral part of your asphalt maintenance program.

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