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Jeff Pokorny

Founder, Green Pavement Preservation Network™

President, TriTechnologies 


O: 800-495-5679 

M: 540-710-3646

TRITechnologies was founded in 2010 with the intent to expand the foundation that was already established by working in various capacities in the industry. With over four decades of asphalt rejuvenation & maintenance experience, I wanted to become a change maker for the asphalt industry. "I believe that God is the head of my business and he is the provision of my vision."

–Jeff Pokorny

History of TRITechnologies 



TRITechnologies has a three-point logo that represents what we do physically and what we believe spiritually. Each point signifies a service that we provide: asphalt repairs, concrete repairs and asphalt rejuvenation. The three intertwined angled circles symbolize the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This is a daily reminder that everybody working together has a common spirit and goal of unity. 

The core values of his company are built on honesty, transparency and excellency.

“I started in the pavement preservation industry with my father and brother over 25 years ago. Initially, we used seal coat to protect the surface of the pavement, but quickly realized that seal coat was not truly protecting the pavement. On the contrary, it was drying it out, chipping and causing more cracking. We wanted to help preserve our customer's asphalt investment not repeat processes providing them short-term solutions". At the time, The Army Corps of Engineers was evaluating products for Air Force runways, aprons, and taxiways that could rejuvenate the asphalt and provide a seal to protect the asphalt from jet fuel. They discovered that only two of the products could penetrate the surface, lower the viscosity and provide a seal on the surface.


We recognized the need for a superior product and began a search that led us to Dr. Robert “Bob” Boyer of the Asphalt Institute and learned about studies conducted in the 1970s by the Army Corps of Engineers. For more than 40 years, Asphalt Rejuvenator/Sealers have been repeatedly tested and proven. Hundreds of FAA regulated airports have been rejuvenated. Our products meets the FAA specification P-632 for Rejuvenator/Sealers and has been used on hundreds of airports since the late 90’s. Globally, more than 100 billion yards of asphalt pavement have been protected and revitalized by Rejuvenators/Sealers. Our expertise includes airport facilities, county roadways, and commercial parking lots.

Lone Star Specialties (Formerly Reilly industries) has manufactured our Rejuvenator/Sealer WD-2000 since 1994. The Rejuvenator/Sealer was a joint venture between Asphalt Additives and Bitumen Supply to introduce some competition in the market. The Sealer/ Rejuvenator product name began as CI-5 and was later changed to PS/ R 07 after testing was done to lower the VOC content of the material.

In August of 2008, the new Lone Star Specialties who had been manufacturing the Sealer/Rejuvenator since 1994 bought Bitumen Supply. For marketing purposes the name was changed to WD-2000, but the quality of the product has remained the same. Lone Star Specialties manufactures many products used in a variety of industries at their ZERO waste facility in East Texas. From 2015-2019, TRITechnologies was the Master Distributor for WD-2000, the Coal-Tar Asphalt Rejuvenator. This allowed for a partnership of growth and exposure for such a proven product success in the industry.


As the environmental initiatives grew so did the need for greener products. In 2016, TRITechnologies initiated a collaboration with Lone Star Specialties to create an exclusive Coal-Tar Free Rejuvenator, AR-16. While there were other Rejuvenators on the market; many were diluted with water, soy beans or additives which did not provide a black appearance so desired by HOA's, Private Airports and more. In a class of its own; AR-16 is our Coal-Tar Free Rejuvenator packed with asphalt oils that are distributed throughout the pavement surface with our unique blend of solvents. This Rejuvenator is ideal for use in areas where coal-tar road products are banned. As our commitment to offering more Eco-friendly products grew, we desired a certified green Asphalt Rejuvenator. In 2020, TRITechnologies became a Distributor and Applicator for Delta Mist, a Plant-Based Rejuvenator. With this new relationship with Collaborative Aggregates, we have been able to exceed our green initiative efforts in communities throughout Virginia, DC, Maryland and the Carolinas providing a well-proven, tested and certified green product.


Jeff Pokorny is a veteran leader in the asphalt industry and has been an integral part of building other successful pavement maintenance companies. His passion for treating people fair and respectful has driven him to begin a worldwide distributor network to deliver the best customer experience. As a visionary, Jeff continually thrives to create a standard of best practices that will develop each Distributor and Applicator within the network.

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“With the proven performance of Asphalt Rejuvenators to revive an aging pavement, the pavement engineer has an economical method to extend pavement life. This type asphalt pavement treatment has the potential to extend the life of an asphalt pavement for several years beyond the point where rehabilitation, or major reconstruction would normally be required; thus significantly decreasing the pavements annual maintenance costs.”  —Dr. Bob Boyer, Senior District Engineer, The Asphalt Institute

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