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Maximize Your Curb Appeal

When you decide to protect your asphalt with the help of a company like ours, you’re investing in a process that goes beyond mere protection and encompasses revitalization and sealing of asphalt pavement. Our approach is scientifically designed to reverse the aging process and extend the lifecycle of asphalt assets, including commercial parking lots and roadways, roads and highways, airport runways and taxiways.

When we approach an asphalt rejuvenation project, you can be sure our process will:

• Penetrate, repair and protect the asphalt

• Replace oils lost due to oxidation

• Revitalize the asphalt binder

• Restore flexibility in the asphalt

• Seal the pavement against contaminants

• Improve durability and extend the life of the asphalt

• Enhance curb appeal of asphalt assets

• Eliminate chipping, peeling and delamination

• Reduce pavement lifecycle costs

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