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The Truth About Driveway Cracks

Let's start first by explaining the primary problems asphalt faces when becoming deteriorated. This will be insightful information if you choose to perform initial repairs or if you simply need to fill cracks and then seal coat, however, as experience shows, just coating will not provide the long-term benefits that something such as Asphalt Rejuvenation can provide.

There are many affordable options you can take to preserve asphalt by choosing TriTechnologies.


Do you notice potholes throughout your asphalt driveway?

Potholes are definitely an area of concern that'll benefit from repairs. Pothole sizes can differ from a couple inches to several feet wide and oftentimes they are the outcome of unmanaged alligator cracks.

Alligator and Spiderweb Cracks

If you observe a bunch of small sized cracks that seem as if they're a 'gators back or a giant spider web, then the following will be a huge help.

Alligator cracks appear as if they are the scales of an alligator or a spider web. If you’re lucky, you just have a little area that you'll have to repair on your driveway. But even still, they are not difficult to mend at all. If you notice bigger sized portions, it's going to require extra time and additional materials.

Halt the Aging of Asphalt

Asphalt rejuvenation is an excellent choice for asphalt preservation. The rejuvenator enters through the asphalt surface to replenish all the oils lost to oxidation and other effects from the sun.

It mixes with the binder and adjusts to the ratios of the other compounds, literally turning back the chemical aging process the asphalt cement experienced by as much as four years.

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