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Make 2020 the Year to Preserve Your Asphalt

A new year is upon us, and amidst all the resolutions, budget planning tops the list of must do’s for people. For businesses, now is the perfect opportunity to get your asphalt driveway or street rejuvenation in the 2020 budget in order to preserve that asphalt for years to come. Asphalt rejuvenation is the process of restoring chemical properties that have deteriorated since the moment new asphalt was laid down;Asphalt Rejuvenators penetrate the asphalt significantly below the surface to chemically revitalize and protect the asphalt binder via replacement of tars and oils lost because of oxidation. 

This process also helps to seal the pavement from air, water and chemical contaminants, thus holding back oxidation and deterioration and extending the pavement’s effective service life. 

So, to summarize, Asphalt Rejuvenation: 

• Replaces oils lost because of oxidation

• Revitalizes the asphalt binder

• Restores flexibility

• Seals the pavement against contaminants

• Extends the useful life of asphalt indefinitely

You should think of pavement as you would skin – youthful skin is resilient, smooth, unblemished, but over time, harmful UV rays and chemicals will leave unprotected skin dry, wrinkled and cracking. Just like properly-applied skin care and sunscreen, pavement rejuvenation products will help preserve the resiliency of the pavement while delaying the need for costly complete resurfacing. 

Here’s an interesting tidbit of information: The Federal Highway Administration defines pavement preservation as “a planned system of treating pavements at the optimum time to maximize their useful life, thus enhancing pavement longevity at the lowest cost.” 

From our experience here at TRITechnologies, Asphalt Rejuvenation offers three beneficial reactions: 

• Increases penetration values and lowers viscosity of the asphalt binder in the pavement’s top portion, extending the pavement’s life cycle.

• Seals the pavement against intrusion of air and water, thus slowing oxidation while preventing raveling and stripping.

• Increases the durability of the asphalt binder in the top portion of the pavement by improving the balance of chemical fractions of the binder.

What you ultimately need to know is this: To preserve asphalt in 2020 is knowing the uppermost layers of asphalt will be restored to their youthful, viscous nature.

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